Council Term: 2012-2014

Withelma, aka “T” has been in countless foster and group homes. T entered the foster care system as a baby and aged out the system when she turned eighteen. She lost connection with her siblings early on and one of her sisters passed away during her time in care. T has struggled through much at a very young age but still desires to inspire those around her.
T has her dreams set on a degree in Communications and wants to be a social worker one day so she can dedicate her life to helping those youth who will be entering the foster care system in the years to come. Although she felt like her voice and will were suppressed while in the system she has always prayed that she would be part of foster care reform when she got older. Currently T is a dedicated member to two youth counsels, Youth Adult Partnerships and Transition Age Youth board. She is so dedicated that she once drove all the way from Arizona to California just to make a meeting.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2009 Outstanding Young Leaders
Council Member - Past