Born and raised in New Jersey, Stephanie has always had a passion for creating change and giving back to her community. Currently enrolled at Rutgers University, Stephanie hopes to become a professional in the field of civil rights. Her passions include advocacy for youth in foster care, disability rights, accessibility and education (especially for under privileged students). One of her biggest accomplishments so far is starting a nonprofit organization with the help of her parents called United Messengers of Peace. As President of the nonprofit, Stephanie helps run their free tutoring program and launched a lung cancer awareness campaign! Stephanie was also recently elected to serve on her local Board of Education. She credits being a public servant as one of the most stressful yet most rewarding experiences. 

In her experience working with the foster care system, Stephanie has found that foster children tend to be overlooked by many. She has studied some of the disparities, added hardships and injustices children in foster care have been forced to deal with. Moreover, she finds the system fails to properly prepare youth who may be aging out to be successful and independent young adults. She has advocated for increased funding and support with and for her local Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).

Stephanie believes all children deserve a healthy and happy growing and learning environment. She also believes youth and young adults should be given all the tools and resources possible to ensure they are prepared to completely enter their communities as independent and successful people. 

When Stephanie is not studying or in class she can be found: volunteering, tutoring, reading and/or hanging out with family and friends.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2020 All-In Youth Engagement Team
Council Member - Past