Council Term: 2012-2015

Sixto first entered foster care when he was 11 months old, and moved through several foster homes for the past 20 years in care with he ten brothers and sisters. He currently lives in Richmond, VA where he is a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University. Sixto chaired the Southwestern Connecticut “A Voice to be Heard” Youth Leadership Board. He has designed, secured funding for, and implemented a pilot program called Stellar Works – a program to prepare children in foster care for post-­‐secondary education. Sixto has also served as a Jim Casey Young Fellow, where he contributed his own perspective to the national and state-­‐level conversation about youth transitioning out of the foster care system. Sixto is on the advisory board for the American Institutes Research on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Allied youth.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2012 All-Stars
Council Member - Past