Ms. Smith is a fierce advocate for children and families and recent graduate from John Jay College. She is currently employed as a Career Navigator for Goodwill Human Service Resources helping people in need to live independently, earn wages and achieve their dreams.
Shavonn spent eighteen years in the New York City foster care system before aging-out. When her biological mother’s rights were terminated she knew that the cycle of fractured families had to END with her! Shavonn is a dedicated spokesperson for youth in foster care and wishes to establish her own women’s empowerment organization. Shavonn is a self-described young activist working hard to change what is broken in the foster care system.
Since 2014, Shavonn has helped establish FACE as a founding member. As a leader in this organization, she worked tirelessly to ensure FACE continues to be a safe platform for organizers, advocates, and change makers in foster care to be heard, to advocate, and to STAY empowered.
She also volunteers her time with Culture for One as a mentor, workshop specialist, and excursion chaperone. Culture For One uses the arts as a vehicle to connect with children and teens, motivate them, widen their view of what is possible to achieve, and stimulate their aspirations.
Her Goal for 2018 is to apply for her MSW and become certified in Substance Abuse Counseling.
Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2015 All-Stars
Council Member - Past