Milizhia Mills

2 years in Foster Care

24 years old


Milizhia Mills graduated from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology. While her education was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, Milizhia intends to enroll in law school and pursue a career as a family law attorney. She was inspired by her own family law attorney during her time in foster care, who showed up for her and became a strong source of support.

Milizhia has been involved with Strong Able Youth Speaking Out (SaySo) for many years, which included time as a KBR ProjectLeader and as a regional assistant for the program. Now a SaySo alumni, she continues to support the youth council through advocacy work, speaking engagements, and being available to help elevate the voices of council members.

Learning to use her voice is a skill that Milizia had to develop, as she often felt that she was unable to use her voice the way she would like during her time growing up in the foster care system. Milizhia spent about two years in foster care before being reunited with her family, and a few years later she found her forever family. Her experience not only helped her learn to advocate for herself, but also shaped her into a person who stands up for others and fights for them when they cannot fight for themselves. As a young leader, Milizhia wants to help other young people in foster care to understand that they are not defined by their experience, and that they can become something truly awesome.

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