Marquan's advocacy journey is deeply rooted in his personal experiences within the foster
care system, igniting a fervent passion for social justice and youth empowerment. His
impactful work with the Annie E. Casey Foundation has allowed him to enact tangible
change within his community and beyond.

As a United States Children’s Bureau Experience Ambassador and recipient of the Create
Freedom Artivist Fellowship Certificate of Excellence, Marquan has demonstrated
exceptional leadership in advocating for policy reform and systemic change. He has
organized community events, conducted advocacy trainings, and engaged directly with
policymakers to address the pressing issues facing young people today.

In his current role as Data Research Manager at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Marquan
utilizes his expertise to analyze data and produce evidence that informs policy decisions
aimed at improving the lives of children and youth. Through his research, he advocates for
investments in strategies that foster stronger communities, support families, and empower
at-risk youth to reach their full potential.

Marquan's dedication to creating a more just and equitable society serves as an inspiration
to others. His advocacy work not only highlights the power of young people to effect
change but also emphasizes the importance of collective action in addressing social
injustices. With his unwavering commitment and innovative approach, Marquan continues
to be a driving force in the fight for a brighter future for all.

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Marquan Teetz