Levi Spiritwalker

2 years in Foster Care

22 years old

They/them/theirs, He/him/his

Levi Spiritwalker is currently attending Portland Community College, and then plans to transfer to Portland State University to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development and Public Health . Later, they want to pursue a Doctorate degree in Psychology, so that they can become a clinical psychologist and help underserved communities. Levi wants to work in youth and adolescent crisis care, and/or the post-carceral system, so that they can provide support to help youth and adults navigate their trauma history and mental illness without judgment or villainization.

Levi is a member of the Multnomah County Community Advisory Board, where they participate in discussions of policy and legal changes in local legislature related to sex trafficking. Levi is committed to shining a light on people who are marginalized and often ignored. They started and led a Homeless and Impoverished Student Council at a high school, has spoken publicly on behalf of NAFY’s New Day program, and currently runs a local harm reduction organization, educating and providing supplies to their community to aid in prevention and treatment of opioid overdose.

Levi has faced many challenges, both before and during their time in foster care. During their time foster care, they often felt abandoned and did not receive the support they needed. However, Levi made the decision to choose resilience over demise. After finding support and stability for themselves, Levi became dedicated to helping others experiencing addiction and/or homelessness. They find joy in connecting with their community through volunteer work, and believe that their experiences will help make them an effective psychologist in the future.

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2022 Outstanding Young Leaders