Yakama Nation

Jade Tillequots was placed in Tribal foster care under the Yakama Nation, a tribe whose reservation is in Washington State. She entered foster care at 4 years old and exited at age 18. Luckily, she only had 2 placements her entire time in care. She was also placed with 2 of her biological younger siblings. She graduated from high school on time in 2013. She went to college right away, but it was short lived, and now works for 2 non-profit organizations at Sacred Road Ministries and The Mockingbird Society. She has been employed at Sacred Road Ministries for a little under a year but has been volunteering with them since she was 13 years old. Sacred Road Ministries is a church planting ministry that has successfully planted a church on the Yakama Indian Reservation which aims to help the Yakama people. She has worked with The Mockingbird Society for 4 years now as a Chapter Leader. The Mockingbird Society is an advocacy organization that trains youth and young adults directly affected by the system to be their own best advocates, and advocates to change laws policies and perceptions to ensure every youth and child has safe and stable housing in Washington State. In May 2018, she traveled to Washington DC on behalf of The Center of Native American Youth – Aspen’s Institute to speak on the Family First Act and the importance of staying connected to family. Jade currently serves as a member of the National Foster Youth and Alumni Policy Council. Her plans for the future are to go back to college this fall to get a Bachelors of Social Work. In the future, she would like to continue work at The Mockingbird Society or become a social worker for the Yakama Nation and help youth just like herself.

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