Council Term: 2013-2015

Charlie spent 15 years in Oregon's foster care system.

Brief Biography:
Charlie was in foster care from ages 3-18 and experienced over five foster homes, numerous of group homes, residential facilities, treatment centers and two shelters. In her sophomore year of high school, Charlie was placed with two ladies that gave her stability, love and comfort. She feel fortunate that these foster mothers have continued to be a source of support after she aged out of the foster care system. Charlie enjoys volunteering and serves for the Loaves and Fishes Meals on Wheels program and for Elders in Action, a Mercy Corps program. Charlie enjoys traveling, fashion, shopping, going to the movies and hanging out with her friends.

Future aspirations:
Charlie's long term career goal upon finishing graduate school is to travel the world with an organization that gives aid and/or relief agencies in cases of natural disaster and/or working with the human trafficking population. Any disadvantged population would be fulfilling to work, especially foster youth. She feels that she can relate to most people who are survivors and has overcome difficulties and adversities in their past. Charlie has always wanted to work in the health field and to serve others but the desire became stronger after falling victim to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. She lost a lot but gained so much out of that experience and felt the strong desire to help the other victims because I could relate to them. It gave her pleasure to know that she was able to help people who needed help so badly and who were starting all over with life. It would be a dream come true, to work as a missionary/ humanitarian and for the UN or Northwest Medical Teams. She loves how these organizations travel the globe giving their services and aid (modern medicine and/or treatments, food and shelter) to third and fourth world countries. That is where her heart truly lies and she can see herself doing that forever. Charlie is very inspired by Don Cheadle who is a humanitarian and Mother Theresa. She thinks those are the two most humble beings on earth and they really understand the importance of giving. For the immediate future, it is important to continue to volunteer for Meals on Wheels, Mercy Corps and in her community to gain as much experience as possible. She plans to work at Lent Elementary School through the Immigrant and Refugee Center of Oregon (IRCO) with the youth to grow as a person and in my career. She is in her senior year at Portland State and will be graduating with dual majors both in community/public health.

Availability for projects:
Document review, Policy development, On-site training (may require travel), Work groups (requires on-going participation, perhaps travel)

FosterClub FCAA OFA CASA State or local youth board

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2010 All-Stars
Council Member - Past