Eric Warner grew up in Arkansas and entered their foster care system when he was 8 years old. There were many placements (11 in total) that he was moved to including traditional foster home placements, congregate care facilities, and emergency shelters. Shortly after his 18th birthday, Eric ‘aged out’ of care without a secure plan in place and would experience the reality of what having a lack of permanence means.

Through his over 10 year advocacy career he has been able to reach local, state, national & even international young people and leaders of organizations to bring awareness to foster care issues and working to help find the solutions to these circumstances. Through working with organizations such as the International Foster Care Alliance, which has afforded him opportunities to learn and exchange information about culture & foster care with other youth/stakeholders in Japan, and FosterClub that has allowed him to experience the work nationally done to enhance capacity for young leaders and key stakeholders. As well, his continued work with the National Youth in Transition Database allows him to see the direct result and impact that the work delivered from different state foster care systems has on the youth and young people they interact with. Eric also serves as a member of the National Foster Care Youth & Alumni Policy Council.

When it comes to pursuing his personal interests, Eric finds that meditation and enhancing his skills in communication are his hobbies. He operates under the belief that everyone has something to teach everyone, and enjoys the true connection of understanding what drives people and helping them to utilize their gifts to reach their goals! He currently is holding status as a Sophomore with Arizona State University in the goal of attaining a degree in Sociology. As well, he looks forward to expanding and utilizing his skill set learned while attending Arizona School of Massage Therapy to travel the world and learn the different healing modalities of other nations to better help serve those who could benefit!

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2017 All-Stars
2018 #FosterEquality Spokesperson
Council Member - Past