Elijah Davis, a dynamic 20-year-old alumnus of foster care, proudly claims roots in both Alberta, Canada,
and Mesa, Arizona. Currently, he's making waves as an honors scholar at Brigham Young University, where
he's pursuing a double major in neuroscience and statistics, with a minor in social impact. Elijah's passion for
medicine and science drives his ambition to become a physician-scientist, a goal complemented by his
unwavering commitment to nonprofit and social impact work.

His journey is marked by significant contributions and achievements. As a clinical research assistant at
Harvard Medical School, he collaborated on developing a groundbreaking machine learning model for
predicting Parkinson's disease. Elijah's leadership shines through his role as Editor-in-Chief of Brigham
Young University's undergraduate journal, where he oversees the publication of scientific articles in
psychology and neuroscience.

Elijah's research prowess is equally impressive. At BYU, he manages work in a cellular neuroscience lab on
an in-vivo two-photon microscopy project investigating neuronal associations with the drug-induced
behaviors of mice. His dedication to scientific inquiry has led to multiple publications and presentations at
national and international conferences.

Outside academia, Elijah is a trailblazer in social entrepreneurship. He's the founder of First-Gen United, a
nonprofit dedicated to empowering first-generation college students through mentorship and support. His
innovative initiatives have garnered funding and widespread acclaim, positioning First-Gen United as a
transformative force in higher education.

Elijah's multifaceted talents extend beyond the lab and boardroom. As co-host of FReal Talk, a podcast
amplifying the voices of first-generation college students, he shares impactful stories and fosters community
engagement. Additionally, Elijah is deeply involved in volunteerism and leadership roles, serving as a
mentor, crisis text line counselor, and director of various student organizations.

With an impressive academic record, a passion for social change, and a heart for service, Elijah Davis
embodies the spirit of leadership and innovation. As he continues his journey, he remains steadfast in his
commitment to making a meaningful impact on the world.

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