Autumn Robertson

2 years in Foster Care

21 years old


Autumn Robertson is a student at the University of Nevada, Reno, studying economics and sociology. She intends to continue her education and seek out a Master’s degree after graduation, with the goal of using her knowledge to support large initiatives that improve the child welfare system. Autumn aspires to a career in the child welfare sector where she can eliminate barriers to education that foster youth often encounter, creating a more level playing field for people of all backgrounds and improving their economic outcomes. She currently works as a Foster Care Liaison with the Children’s Advocacy Alliance, and as a peer mentor for UNR’s First Generation Student Center, supporting the Fostering the Pack program.

Autumn is working to rebuild her state’s youth advisory board, Nevada LIFE, which saw a sharp drop in participation during the coronavirus pandemic. In her freshman year of college, Autumn was selected as the Peer and Community Educator for the Nevada System of Higher Education's Foster Youth Success Initiative. This role allowed Autumn to connect with other foster youth, lead focus groups and presentations, and support positive change.

Autumn’s own experience with foster care is one of the driving motivators in her work with supporting other students with foster care experience. Prior to entering care at age 16, Autumn experienced homelessness and did not attend school. However, she was determined to make the most of her second chance at life and catch up to her peers. By her sophomore year, Autumn joined the National Honor Society. Soon she began taking honors, AP, and dual enrollment classes, and by the time she graduated high school she had earned an advanced diploma and already completed some college credits. While life in foster care was difficult, both the positive and negative experiences she had drive Autumn to be kind, work hard, tell her story, and create meaningful change for her community.

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