Antoinette Rucker serves as one of the Education Youth and Family Coordinators with the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children out of Atlanta. A proud graduate of Albany State University, Antoinette studied generalist Social Work and founded a comprehensive support program for foster youth called Fostering through College (FTC).
In addition to Fostering Through College, Antoinette successfully led the development of the Region 10 tribe of Georgia EmpowerMEnt and sustained it for over three years. As a result of her ability to broker community partnerships and obtain resources to enhance program delivery, goals and outcomes, Antoinette was subsequently chosen to be apart of Jim Casey' 2015 Young Fellow Class. Some of her current projects include: serving as a member of the Georgia Results Count Team, one of four in the country, serving on the National Foster Care Youth & Alumni Policy Council, serving as a Board Member for The GEMs program out of Atlanta and working as an adult supporter for Georgia's groundbreaking work around Racial and Ethnic Equity, and Inclusion, which is a framework that is used to ensure that all young people have the opportunity to succeed regardless of their race or ethnic background.
Antoinette says that her experience in foster care serves as the catalyst for her passion as it relates to child welfare reform. She believes that giving back is a universal opportunity regardless of a person’s background. Antoinette further believes that anyone who cares has the capacity to create change.
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Council Member - Past