Throughout her college journey, Alejandra’s passion for creating positive change extended
far beyond her campus, reaching across the state of California. In 2021, she took part in the
100-day challenge in Sonoma County, contributing to housing over 100 homeless youth.
Alejandra engaged with California policymakers, HUD, and more, addressing the state’s
homeless crisis during the pandemic. Her advocacy reached the Senate of Finance, Human
Services, Budget Committee, and Fiscal Subcommittee #3 & #4 and her involvement in SB
234. In recognition of her efforts, Alejandra received the Oscar Maldonado Youth
Leadership Award from the California Coalition for Youth.

In 2022, Alejandra seized the opportunity to work with the Center for Native American
Youth on tribal sovereignty and legislative matters at the White House Tribal Youth
Summit. Later that year, at the White House Gathering of Nations, she collaborated not only
with tribal leaders but also with high-ranking elected officials like Deb Haaland. Expanding
her reach in 2023, Alejandra focused on human rights projects, addressing the crisis within her
Nicaraguan/Central American community.

During a transformative trip to Nicaragua in December 2022 with Unidad Nicaraguense de
California, Alejandra collaborated on providing solidarity meals, collecting data through
film and interviews, and humanizing the Nicaraguan indigenous experience. The solidarity
meal initiative impacted 4,000 Nicaraguans, expanding to more Churecas (wastelands) to
support homeless and orphaned youth during the holidays.

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Alejandra Gomez