Entering foster care

How I felt when I entered foster care



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Are you a writer, artist, or performing artist who has been in foster care? Submit a short essay, poem, artwork, or a video (or any other creative work) and share your story, your opinion, or your recommendations - and you could win $100! Your story could be published on FosterClub.com and inspire other young people or used to educate child welfare professionals and politicians!

THE TOPIC: How I felt when I entered foster care

How did you feel when you entered foster care or kinship care? There is no right or wrong answer. Use your creative voice, writing, art, dance, music, or video to tell the world how it felt for you to enter care. Is there something you wish would have happened differently or you would like to see caseworkers and caregiver do? Is there something that worked well or made you feel good about your care? This is your chance to tell the world how you feel. We want your creative expressions about your experience entering foster care,  and what it means to you!


  • First prize: $100 Visa gift card
  • Second prize: $25 Visa gift card
  • Runners-up: FosterClub gear

Winner and chosen entries may be featured on the FosterClub website and in FosterClub publications. All entrants agree to have their work shared on the FosterClub Website, social media, and other locations. FosterClub will protect the identity of entrants by only showing first name (if name is completely unique and identifies the entrant, initials may be used), age, state, and non-identifying portions of biographical information submitted with entry. Parents or workers with questions about how FosterClub protects youth identity and/or contest rules, please contact our staff at 503-717-1552 or [email protected].

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